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School of Medicine: M1s: FHDM I & II

This guide contains content suitable for study and review for first-year medical students.

Introduction to Health & Disease

Cadaver Dissection

Microbiology Lab

Cardiovascular System & Physiology

GIDEON (Infectious Disease eBook Collection)

Click here to access the library's subscribed
GIDEON ebooks
, all of which summarize the status of 316 generic infectious diseases, drugs, vaccines and pathogens
--in every country of the world. 
These continuously updated titles are about the
geography and epidemiology of infection.

NOTE: Navigate eBooks by using the A-to-Z list
or continue to scroll down on the platform in order to examine nearly 200 GIDEON ebooks

Gastrointestinal System

Respiratory System & Physiology

Clinical Imaging

Fluid, Electrolyte, & Acid-Base Physiology

Muscular System

Integumentary System

Hematologic System

Renal System

Histological Images

Nervous System

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