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School of Graduate Studies & Research: MHS Study Guide for MCAT & DAT: Home

This guide contains content suitable for study and review for Master of Health Sciences students studying for the MCAT

Come Visit Us in the S.S. Kresge Learning Resource Center

How to Seek Library Instruction

Library Hours & Contacts

Monday-Friday: 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Saturday-Sunday: 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Phone: (615) 327-6463
Sandra Parham, Executive Director
Vanessa Smith, Library Analyst III
Ellen Clare Kimbro, Reference
& Embedded Librarian
Julia Drew Rather, Reference
Librarian & Project Archivist

Charging Stations on 1st & 2nd Floors

Find device-charging stations just inside the library's main entrance and one floor up (3rd Floor, Learning Resource Center Building)

How to Use this Resource Hub


Content in this study guide for Master of Health Sciences students contains course-specific resources found in the Library & Archives Collection. Check back often to find our newest resources which will enable students to study for the MCAT and DAT exams.

Off-Campus Access to Resources

When seeking to use the Digital Library (DL) from home or elsewhere, users must first click the "Off-Campus Login" button at the top right of the webpage. Once signed in with Meharry credentials, do not forget to close the original Digital Library webpage you opened and use the new DL page that pops up. Now you're all set to start using the library's subscribed resources available to all Meharrians!

Visit the Library Lounge

Visit the Library's Computer Lab to Use the Sectra Anatomy & Dissection Table

Sectra Anatomy Visible Human (VH) Dissection Table & Virtual Reality (VR) Software with Headset & Handsets


  • Study of anatomy and engagement in virtual dissection by interacting with the Education Portal’s clinical content, which includes real cadaver images and histologic and radiologic imaging
  • Faculty members can use provided lessons or create their own using the Education Portal for students to navigate in each of these virtual reality settings
  • Student & Faculty Population:
    • M1s-M4s and medical residents
    • MHS students
    • D1s-D4s and dental residents
  • Learn About the Sectra Table

    The main table and its Education Portal are separate from the VR headset and handsets, which can be used with multiple wall screens installed for viewing VR activities and two computers equipped with the same software, enabling individual or group study at each of these learning areas in the computer lab

  • View videos here to learn about TolTech's VR Software

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