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Self-Directed Learning: Home

First- and second- year medical students can use this guide to discover resources when completing a 'Self-Directed Learning' assignment

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Library Executive Director
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Vanessa Smith, B.S.
Health Information Analyst III/Information Desk
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Reference & Embedded Librarian
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Why Use this Study Guide?

Each tabbed page provides:

1. Buttons that link to each of the best suited subscribed library resources to use when conducting searches to complete a self-directed learning assignment
2. Detailed explanations of what you will find in each one
3. Proof that the content found in each resource is 1) built with and 2) consistently updated with:
      a. Relevant evidence
      b. Up-to-date content
      c. Step-by-step clinical guidance
      d. Peer-reviewed medical literature,
          which is known to be:

  • Informed by trusted clinical trial data
  • Published in reputable journals
  • Indexed in vetted databases

Source: Ellen Clare Kimbro, MMC Reference & Embedded Librarian

How to Use this Study Guide

Once inside the resources found here on each tabbed page, follow these steps:

1. First, conduct a basic search in each using symptoms as key terms.
2. Second, scan the results, opening different types of resources, and use those resources to learn.
3. Finally, use filters to narrow your search and, if necessary, search again using other terms along with original terms searched.

Source: Fairleigh Dickinson University Librarians. (2023). AccessMedicine Database Guide: Basic Searching. [website]. Fairleigh Dickinson University: New Jersey.

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