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School of Graduate Studies & Research: MHS Study Guide for MCAT & DAT: Print Collection Subjects K-P

This guide contains content suitable for study and review for Master of Health Sciences students studying for the MCAT

How to Use this Resource Hub

Discover the print handbooks, guidebooks, subject review titles, and sets of basic sciences flash cards in our collection so that you're aware of which materials you can borrow for 28 days before you visit the library. NOTE: You will not find links here because these are resources in our print collection only.

Law & Ethics Review

Musculoskeletal System Review

Nephrology Review

Neurology/Neuroscience Review

Nutrition & Dietetics

Obstetrics & Gynecology Review

Occupational, Preventive, & Environmental Medicine Review

Oncology Review

Palliative Medicine Review

Pediatrics Review

MedStudy Pediatrics Core, 9th ed.,
2020-2021, Books 1-5 (boxed set)
Call Numbers: 
WS 18.2 H36 v.1-v.5
Print volumes may be checked out separately;
may be found on the Ready Reference shelves

  • Book 1: Neonatology, Growth & Development, Nutrition, Preventive Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine & Sexual Health, Behavioral Medicine & Substance Abuse
  • Book 2: Emergency Medicine & Maltreatment Syndromes, Pharmacology and Pain Management, Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine, Gastroenterology, Pulmonary Medicine, & Neurology
  • Book 3: Cardiology, Nephrology & Urology, & Endocrinology
  • Book 4: Allergy & Immunology, Infectious Disease, Dermatology, Biostatistics, Ethics, Patient Safety, & Quality Improvement
  • Book 5: Rheumatology, Ophthalmology & ENT, Genetics, Metabolic Disorders, Hematology, & Oncology

Pharmacology Review

Physical Examination & History Taking

Physician Assistant PANCE Review

Physiology Review

Practice Management

Primary Care Review

Psychiatry Review

Public Health Review

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